Remote Learning

The school has now reopened for all students, and virtually all students should now be attending school for face to face lessons.

If your child is not able to attend school due either to:

  • Covid-19 symptoms
  • a positive Covid-19 test result
  • or because they are Clinically Extremely Vulnerable

please contact their Head of Year or Pastoral Manager to gain access to the Remote Learning Google Classroom for their Year Group.

This is a separate Google Classroom where all of their curriculum materials for the week will be available for them to access. Alternatively email the school at to request access to this.

Should your child require a device to enable them to access their remote learning, please contact

If you would like to read about our planned provision and remote offer should we need to return to it, please click on the section below.

Archived Remote learning

Our Aims and Intentions

Our intention is to ensure that Paxman Academy students receive a remote learning offer that matches the level of challenge and variety that they would experience should they be in school. We recognise as a school that remote learning is challenging, and all that we ask is that students engage every day, and try their best with their work.

We aim to provide remote learning that is:

Relevant: wherever possible we endeavour to follow the planned curriculum and set work that will enable learners to progress and build their knowledge

Consistent: within subjects we adopt a common approach and set common submission tasks and have the same expectations

Accessible: we set work bearing in mind that many learners will be working with limited support and that access to devices at home will vary

Motivating: we reward learners who are engaging and we respond to messages and queries from students to show that their remote work is of value and is not optional


Daily Offer

Students will have 5 lessons per day set for them, as per their timetable if they were in school.

Teachers will set their work via ClassCharts, and students should log on from 9:00am each day to access the day’s work. This will include details of the work, resources and any work they need to submit.

Remote Learning will be a blend of:

  • Slides and activities that students can work through on screen 
  • Tasks and activities that students can work through away from the screen
  • Recorded lessons, where students will work through activities which are explained via video clips to support students to access their learning and to understand the tasks set
  • Live Lessons where teachers will deliver lessons via Google Meet on Google Classroom

Teachers will be available during the school day to respond to students’ questions and queries regarding their work.

Feedback, Engagement and Progress

Students will receive feedback on the work they submit. For core subjects, English, Maths and Science, students should receive feedback on at least one piece of work per week. In all other subjects students should receive feedback on at least one piece of work per fortnight.

Students will complete assessments each half-term, as they would if they were in school to help us to monitor their progress. The form of assessment may need to be adapted for remote learning, but will still provide valuable information about student progress.

Students should submit all of the work they are set by their teachers as submission and engagement with work is being closely monitored across the school and where we have concerns about a student’s engagement with their learning, contact will be made with home to see how we can help.

Support and Help

Should you need any support with accessing your child’s ClassCharts account please email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We recognise that some pupils may not have suitable online access at home. Should you have any concerns regarding your child’s ability to access their curriculum offer, please email detailing your concerns and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We will work with you and the resources we have available to ensure that your child will have the means to access their remote curriculum offer.

Please also ensure your child has read our Remote Learning Guide for Students as this contains practical help and ideas for successful remote learning.

Using an Xbox or Playstation to Access Remote Learning

Also, see our Top Tips For Learning at Home

Please read this guide to accessing Live Lessons which will explain how you will know when Live Lessons are, how to access them and guidance for conduct in live lessons

Joining a Live Lesson – Student Guide

In addition, you may wish to watch The Live Lessons Introduction Video (See Below) which will talk you through the process

Risk Assessments

Online Safety

Remote Learning Risk Assessment