Absence Procedures

Reporting a Student Absence

If your child has a unavoidable reason for not attending school, please telephone the school office on 01206 671155 and select Option 1 to report a student absence. Alternatively, you may email absence@paxmanacademy.school. Please report absence before 8.20am on the first day of absence and explain the reason, giving details of any illness. If your child continues to be absent on consecutive days, you must telephone the school office on each day of absence, before 8.20am. If your child has three continuous days of absence, please send a written note to the office on the third day of absence, confirming what is wrong.

The academy closely follows advice from the NHS and guidance from the Department for Education – message is quite clear – it is ok to send your child to school with some common or minor illnesses. Common colds, minor coughs, sore throats or headaches alone do not mean your child is too unwell to attend school. Absences for these reasons will not be authorised at Paxman Academy.

Medical Appointments

Please arrange medical appointments outside of school hours, where possible. If your child must attend an appointment during school hours, you are required to notify the school office in advance of the appointment date and provide a copy of the appointment in writing (eg a hospital letter or dental appointment card). Students are expected to either attend school before an appointment or to return to school following their appointment – only reasonable travel and consultation times will be authorised by the school.

Leave of Absence Requests

The School complies with government legislation, which states that term time leave of absence can only be taken in ‘exceptional circumstances’. For example: Forces personnel on leave from a foreign posting or significant family events or circumstances. If this is the case, a ‘Leave of Absence’ request form must be completed; this can be obtained here. When completed , it should be accompanied by a letter of explanation. If the School considers an application has not justified ‘Exceptional Circumstances’, approval will not be given. This is a school decision. If the leave of absence is then taken regardless, the school may seek to apply for legal action in accordance with Education Regulations 2004.