MFL – Curriculum Intent

At Paxman Academy we understand the value of languages, and how meaningful they are in our social interactions and welfare. Learning a language transcends learning what accents are and how to use the present tense. Every industry and employment sector values graduates who can speak a language. Other benefits to speaking a foreign language include:

  • Developing your confidence and communication skills
  • It expands your cultural awareness
  • It opens additional doors to opportunities for studying or working abroad
  • It  is a highly sought-after skill not only by universities but also by employers as it can be a significant competitive advantage that sets you apart from your monolingual peers


  • As we age, based on research, being bilingual or multilingual also helps to stave off mental aging and cognitive decline.


Our curriculum offer in Languages creates students who think, talk, read and write like a linguist as demonstrated through their ability to:


  • Understand key phonics to communicate effectively when listening and speaking.
  • Use and manipulate vocabulary to generate meaningful conversations.
  • Increase their awareness of foreign cultures, including European, African and South American.
  • Read, analyse and understand texts in a foreign language, spotting patterns and extracting key information.


  • Write effectively, using a combination of different vocabulary, tenses, opinions and grammatical structures.


The languages curriculum is sequenced in such a way that each new piece of content builds on what has followed previously. In Year 7 students spend a lot of time on key phonics. This is crucial as a strong understanding of phonics is vital to effective communication in any language. This focus on phonics continues right up until students leave us in Year 11.


We focus on stretch and challenge to ensure that all students achieve their full potential. We also understand that some may find languages difficult, therefore the languages curriculum and department is also dedicated to helping support students fully, as well as stretching their ability. We earnestly believe that the most captivating, engaging and effective way to complement language learning is through full immersion to develop knowledge and cultural capital. Therefore, we are seeking to organise yearly trips abroad and work in collaboration with local resources, such as Essex University in order to grant students the opportunity to improve their use of Spanish while conversing with native Spanish speakers. 


We have also recently given students the opportunity to hear from guest speakers who explain how languages have been used in their industries, most recently students heard from a guest who used to work for Arsenal Football Club, who explained the crucial role that languages played in the football and business industry.