Design and Technology

Design and Technology – Curriculum Intent


The Design and Technology curriculum at Paxman follows the national curriculum framework, building on knowledge through well sequenced lessons across a range of subjects. It is our intent to nurture an innovative and enquiring mind, linking lessons to current trends and future possibilities.  We aim to progress and challenge students’ thinking and practical skills that can be developed according to student needs. 


As a team we consider Design and Technology to incorporate many key life skills, including accurate measuring, spatial awareness, risk taking, teamwork and time management. 


Paxman Academy has developed from a rich industrial heritage and we aim to continue this legacy by producing future STEM leaders.We collaborate with STEM departments working to create challenges during enrichment days, clubs ( makerspace) , extra curricular competitions (Shell) and school wide challenges.


All students at Paxman Academy will be given the opportunity to engage in a DT experience – with Design Technology, Food and Textiles being taught to all KS3 students on a rotation. During their time in food they learn about health and safety, hygiene and knife skills, cooking basic dishes for themselves and others whilst learning about nutritional and healthy eating. Across the rotation of DT students engage in a number of real life design briefs and problem solve through iterative design to produce a range of outcomes, using card, board, wood and plastics, with added electronics and CAD/CAM teaching. With textiles design and creativity is key, learning about fibres and fabrics and construction techniques.


Our curriculum offer in Design and technology creates students who can think, talk, read and write like Innovators, Technologists and Designers as demonstrated through their ability to:


  • Investigating & evaluating existing products.
  • Identifying the needs of a range of users including research and analysing existing products.
  • Communicating design ideas through modelling,drawing and verbal communication
  • Working independently and collaboratively when researching, developing and producing products
  • Developing social and environmental awareness through learning about environmentally friendly design themes, sustainability and being a responsible designer.
  • Producing designs that are fit for purpose
  • Growth of the iterative design process to enable further development and thinking skills
  • Developing a range of practical skills in areas of Product design, engineering, electronics, food and textile.


We do this through a range of projects:


Year7 Year 8 Year 9  KS4 Options

basic food hygiene and safety,

Cook simple food for themselves whilst learning about healthy eating


Develop knife skills,  and food hygiene, Cooking a range of dishes whilst learning about seasonal and sustainable food


Learn about nutrition and food processing whilst cooking a range of healthy dishes to feed themselves and others

Design and technology

Health and safety in the workshop, using hand tools to create a wooden money box whilst learning about the properties of wood


Recap of safety whilst using a range of hand tools and machines to create mobile phone holders and learning about polymers


Students create a light from a range of materials using a range of tools whilst learning about materials 

Core Design

Developing skills in technical drawing and CAD, whilst  look at architecture

Core Design

Developing technical drawing and CAD skills, to support communication of ideas and construction

Core Design

Refining technical drawing and CAD skills, to develop the communication of ideas

Hospitality and Nutrition

Produce a small product using a range of hand sewing skills and understand how fabrics are made


Produce a functional product using sewing machines and recycled fabrics


Refine a range of skills to produce a functional product fit for purpose

Art and Design : Textiles


This plan will evolve over time to reflect the students needs, staff skills and the local labour market.

Paxman students will leave having developed technological capability and skills in order for them to function successfully in a technological society that is constantly evolving, building resilience to face many of life’s challenges and gaining confidence with resilience.