English – Curriculum Intent


The English curriculum at Paxman Academy is designed to ensure that all learners are given the opportunity to become confident and articulate students of language and literature. As well as exposing students to a range of texts and genres across different time periods, the curriculum also has a strong focus on embedding the teaching of spelling, punctuation and grammar to ensure that our students can assuredly and accurately present their ideas. Spoken language and oracy skills are also prioritised, in order to support all learners to develop vital communication skills.


The English curriculum is structured so that there is a logical progression of skills across units. In Year 7, students explore the origins of storytelling, an introduction to drama and poetry and a range of non-fiction texts to give them a secure understanding of a variety of written forms. Having been introduced to a range of text types from different time periods, the focus in year 8 shifts to genre and writing for purpose, as students study literature and non-fiction texts in greater depth. These ideas are then developed in Year 9 as students begin to explore texts with more complex social and political messages and writing styles that require a more sophisticated awareness of wider social and historical contexts. This development of skills throughout KS3 is intended to promote a passion for reading and writing as well as providing students with the necessary knowledge and learning tools to be successful at Key Stage 4. 


Our curriculum offer in English creates students who can think, talk, read and write clearly and skilfully as demonstrated through their ability to:


-Create texts for different genres, audiences and purposes

-Use accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar

-Formulate interpretations of texts using the skills of inference and deduction

-Analyse the impact of writers’ methods

-Make effective links and comparisons between texts

-Explore the significance of social and historical contexts in relation to literary texts

-Use a range of spoken language skills to explain, argue and persuade