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Our Journey So Far

Our Journey So Far

Paxman Academy is part of The Sigma Trust a local partnership of seven academies in North East Essex. Sigma was formally established in September 2016 and currently consists of 5 secondary schools, a junior school and an infant and nursery school.

All schools are geographically close enough to provide the necessary support and challenge to take all academies to the next level. We have a set of shared values and a common mission and vision that aims to ensure that no child is left behind. No academy is seen as the “lead” school and we believe that every school should be a giver as well as a receiver of support. All academies within the Trust retain their cultural autonomy but we work together to ensure that best practice becomes shared practice.

We are not looking to work in isolation and will continue to collaborate with others to enhance the educational experience of children in the community. In so doing we aim to become a centre of educational excellence and innovation within the area.

The Sigma Trust will ensure that it secures the best possible outcomes for all learners and that all its academies are rated at least “Good” with the overall goal of ensuring outstanding provision. We seek to work with schools that can subscribe to our values and who are prepared to take responsibility and share resources with others.